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Spring 3-8-2010

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Ruth Enestvedt


Very little progress has been made in decreasing health disparities in communities of color or for American Indians. Government agencies have a role to play in addressing health disparities through the development of policies that support community efforts to address these disparities. Three concepts provided the framework for research exploring barriers: a) imposition of dominant cultural values, b) marginalization and c) institutional racism. The purpose was to conduct qualitative research by interviewing six individuals from organizations that serve communities of color to discover themes related to their experiences with government funding. Two themes emerged related to the purpose of the research. The first related theme, What Government Does That Makes the Work Harder, had four categories: a) Inconsistent Requirements, b) Easy to Require, Hard to Implement, c) One Size Fits All and d) Is the Real Work Getting Done? The second theme was Lack of Partnership.


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