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Summer 7-5-2005

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)




This study focuses on 1 12 mid-western middle school sixth grade students who exhibit one or more of the following strands: mathematical reasoning, number sense; estimation and computation; patterns, functions, and algebra; data analysis statistics; geometry and spacial sense; or measurement. A series of 2,025 correlations were conducted between: The Measures of Academic Achievement Test (produced by Northwest Evaluation Association), The Dunn, Dunn, and price Learning Style Inventory, and a sixteen point classroom student characteristics survey. This yielded a total of 144 significant values, 10-15 within each weakness strand, indicating possible relationships between test scores and student preferences. Data analysis also supported the initial postulation of heterogeneous groupings (diverse population - ability, gender, ethnicity) within and across any given strand(s). Further results and implications for educators, of these findings are discussed.


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