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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




The cultural context of the late twentieth century has given voice to new ways of thinking, knowing, being. Emerging out of the history and traditions of feminism is a style that is on the cutting edge in leadership studies. With emphasis on connection, humanity, interdependence, caring and empowerment of people, feminist leadership also echoes chaos theory. The reinvention of nature has allowed space within science for feminist values in the public realm. The mutual reinforcement of these two leadership theories has led to a simpler way to organize human endeavors.

This paper is based on feminist and chaos theories of leadership and is exemplified by a case study of the co-creator of a local peace and justice group. Information about the case study subject has been gathered by the use of questionnaires, interviews, videos, and Internet sources. Personal history with the organization also informed the working knowledge of this organization.

Matching leaders and theories is never perfect, but his paper will touch on the commonalities, the challenges and the short and long-term consequences of this leader and organization seen through the lens of theory. The applicability of these two leadership theories is very wide; the leader will always be a source of inspiration and hope to all those committed to societal change and a more peaceful world.


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