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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




The purpose of this study is to show how thinking about leadership changes when followers are valued. Traditionally, leadership studies focus on leaders-who they are, what characteristics they possess and what they do. Even when followers are mentioned in the literature, it is easy to overlook them. The main questions addressed here are: What is followership about? and How does thinking about leadership change when the focus is placed on followers? Two authors, Robert Kelley and Ira Chaleff have written books about followers from the perspective of the follower. Additional research has shown that a paradigm shift is underway to a new world view in which relationships are fundamental to understanding reality. It is this new mindset which recognizes the importance of followers in relationship with leaders. However, followers need a more positive image. Dance, particularly Argentine Tango, is a good metaphor for leaders and followers in a dynamic and positive leadership relationship.


SC 11.MAL.2000.Thayer.E