Leadership in the Future: Preparation for Future Generations of Leaders

Sherry A. Myers, Augsburg College


What does the future of leadership hold? As books, lectures, seminars, and college courses are created, guiding the public through ideas on how to develop leadership skills, we remain concerned about what the leaders of tomorrow will need to know. Will the leadership skills of today apply to the workplace of tomorrow? Will our world politicians be those with the most education or the one with charisma? How do you lead numerous people spread throughout the world?

Beginning with a discussion of two leadership theories existing today that will be viable in the future, we will look at how this challenge of future leadership is met by working with today's middle school students. By teaching students to rationalize and develop critical thinking skills, they learn to channel their energy into putting together what they need to further their education and understanding of the world around them. It is the responsibility of parent, teacher, corporate or non-profit executive, and neighbor to provide the assistance to propel students in the direction that will best use their talents and individual assets.

By viewing the changes that may occur in the world of the future, what the demands might be and what the environments could look like, and summarizing what is being done successfully today with youth, we can determine the course of action that will enable us to arrive in the year 2020 with leaders who embody the best of humankind.