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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) is viewed as an organizational system through the metaphor of complex adaptive systems (CAS) in order to gain new insights that benefit manufacturing leadership and resolve challenges faced by MRPII. This thesis examines the history of manufacturing to reveal the metaphor under which MRPII currently operates and then introduces the metaphor of CAS, thus resulting in new direction for the manufacturing leader. Based on a review of the existing literature in manufacturing and in complexity theory, the work of Holland (1995) and Daft (1992) are central to establishing the relationship of MRPII to organizational and complexity theory. The argument is made that the shift to the CAS metaphor results in insights into the organizational dynamics of manufacturing which allow manufacturing leaders to change from planning and controlling of events to allowing events to emerge and then adapt. Leadership is thus responsible for the creation and guiding of foundation processes, which result in a sustainable organization.


SC 11.MAL.1999.Nemer.CV