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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




Nursing must reconnect with its roots found in the teachings of Florence Nightingale and be open to ancient indigenous wisdom, focusing on caring, healing and being present. To practice as culturally competent healers, nurses must grow in self awareness and an ability to understand cultural and spiritual practices, as well as communicate with and show respect to people from all walks of life. A Hermeneutic Phenomenological study was done by interviewing three participants to explore what it was like for Master in Arts nursing students participating in an Augsburg College Department of Nursing Immersion to experience a Sweat Lodge Ceremony; with data being analyzed in the context of nurse as healer. Seven major themes were found in analysis of the data: 1) Importance of being open, 2) Experienced elements of a therapeutic relationship/healing environment, 3) Sense of being connected,4) Healing experience, 5) Gained personal and cultural insights and growth, 6) Application to nursing practice, 7) Sweat Lodge Ceremony was a meaningful experience on a deeply personal level. Jean Watson's Human Caring Theory served to guide, guard, connect and ground this study.


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