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Although many Lao refugees have adapted to the American lifestyle in the wake of the Vietnam War, others have had difficulty assimilating to mainstream society. Phayvanh, a Lao American woman, has struggled with living in both the traditional Lao world and the modem American world. I wanted to help Phayvanh share her life story but found that narrative research, a relatively new qualitative phenomenon within nursing, does not offer a concrete methodology. Therefore I decided to use a multifaceted approach, including ethnography, Newman's hermeneutic-dialectic methodology, and documentation of my process, while supporting Phayvanh in telling her personal narrative in order to find a narrative research process. The results revealed three focal schemes that are complex and interrelated to one another. The themes of relationship, support, and timing are described as components of a narrative research framework that can guide a researcher in supporting a participant in telling their personal narrative.


SC 11.MAN.2008.Freborg.K

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