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The purpose of this project is to create a weekly Drop-In Center where Homeless and Marginally Housed (HMH) women receive support, respite, and respect in a safe, welcoming environment. Homeless and Marginally Housed (HMH) women have unique needs due to daily struggles with disenfranchisement which include barriers to health services, battering, poor transportation, lack of recreation and education, neglect, and institutionalized poverty. The impetus for the Drop-In Center was to offer respite from the harsh environment created by the institutionalized violence against HMH women who deserve significant emotional and social support, nutrition, and respite. The transculrural nurse will be focused on delivering culturally competent care to the women who arrive at the Drop-In Center. The Drop-In Center provides a way the women can regain some power over their circumstances by offering listening skills, levity, and resources. The nurse's understanding of Rosemarie Rizzo Parse's human becoming theory drives the exchanges within the relationships at the Drop-In Center giving prominence to the women's understandings of their own journeys of health and wellbeing.


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