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Namibia is one of the top five countries where HIV/AIDS is at epidemic proportions and thousands of Namibian children have become innocent victims of the disease. Research on children's lived experience of HIV/AIDS in Namibia is needed in nursing literature. The purpose of this project is to answer the question: What is it like to grow up in a society where AIDS is the leading cause of death and HIV infection rates are at epidemic proportions? Madeleine Leininger's Culture Care Theory will guide the research. An ethnonursing methodology that incorporates hermeneutic phenomenology will be used to answer the research question and describe and interpret what it is like for children to grow up in the midst of an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Semi structured conversations with children will be taped and transcribed. Drawings and photos by children will facilitate conversations about meaningful events and significant persons in their lives. Data analysis will discover patterns and core themes that describe what it is like for children to grow up in a society where HIV/AIDS is an epidemic. Findings will provide new insight into providing culturally congruent care to children and identify ways of improving children's' health and well-being to guarantee their futures.


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