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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




The purpose of this research was to explore the lived experience of graduate nurses (GNs) who made the transition from academic to practice environment in the high-acuity setting of a Level 1 trauma center. These GNs entered clinical practice through a nurse residency program at Truman Medical Center (TMC) emergency department (ED) in Kansas City, Missouri. The researcher interviewed 6 GNs participating in the nurse residency program with IRB approval from the University of Missouri, Kansas City IRB. The method of inquiry was hermeneutic phenomenology. The basic research question for this study was as follows: As a participant in a graduate nurse residency program, what was it like for you to make the transition from advanced beginner to competent, practicing nurse in the ED setting? The transcribed narratives of the interviews served as the primary data for this research. Themes which emerged from the data informed the findings of this thesis.


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