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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Clarice Staff

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Laura Boisen

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Nancy Wall


Transracial adoption, the adoption of a child that is of a different race than that of the adoptive family, is a controversial issue. With the disproportionately high number of children of color in foster care, transracial adoption is a viable option to provide these children with permanent families. Transracially adoptive families need support and available services to adjust satisfactorily to the adoption. Nine transracially adoptive families completed a self-administered questionnaire about participation in and availability of post-placement services. Data did conclude that services are being offered to families and that these families are utilizing services to assist in adjustment to the adoption. Results indicated that agencies must continue to provide services to transracially adoptive families. Results also indicated that agencies could offer more culturally specific activities for the families to participate in and times for transracially adoptive families to socialize together.


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