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Restricted Access Thesis

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Katherine Baumgartner


The experience of having a loved one in the hospital can cause feelings of anxiety, fear, and vulnerability. These experiences have led many medical institutions to create initiatives based on the principles of family-centered care. The partnering of healthcare providers with patients and families has been shown in research to improve patient outcomes and the overall patient and family experience. The program Partners in Healing is the approach Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN has utilized to empower family members to become active care partners in providing care for their loved ones. It is through an understanding and application of Jean Watson's Caritas Processes that nurses can work towards expanding their compassion to allow for the inclusion of family members as an integral member of the healthcare team caring for a loved one. The concepts within the Partners in Healing program all help to convey how nurses can expand their compassion through an all encompassing approach to care based on collaboration and trust that helps to promote healing through shared acts of caring to improve transitions to home. As families struggle with the chaos and complexities of a hospitalization, Partners in Healing offers them the opportunity to be engaged, to have their perspective's validated, and to create meaningful learning experiences to promote healing for their loved one.


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