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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Lucie Ferrell

Second Advisor

John E. Benson

Third Advisor

Kay McMahen


Hospital restructuring has become commonplace in today’s competitive health care market. Often, such restructuring results in significant effects on the employees of the organization. Registered Nurses who continue to deliver patient care at the bedside may find themselves caught between duty to their patients and duty to their employer, yet there is Iittle research available which evaluates the effect of restructuring on either the nurse or the patient. This descriptive study analyzes staff Registered Nurses’ perceptions of their work environment following restructuring. Principles of restructuring, as delineated by Freeman & Cameron, served as the theoretical framework for this analysis. A convenience sample of Registered Nurses of a Iarge Midwestern metropolitan hospital was asked to complete a questionnaire relating to aspects of restructuring within the hospital, perceptions of the work environment, and patient care. Results showed that Registered Nurses perceived their current work environment to be more stressful since restructuring and patient, care to be seriously compromised. Implications are presented and recommendations for both health care institutions and the profession of nursing are offered.


SC 11.MAL.1995.Reeve.J