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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Mary Endorf


The hierarchically structured Wisconsin lndianhead Technical College, New Richmond, Wisconsin, is considering implementing Total Quality Management/Continuous lmprovement Process (TQM/CIP) districtwide. The purpose of this study was to determine opinions held by faculty and management employed by that district regarding what constitutes effective leadership methods/styles and to assess whether differences existed between faculty and management groups regarding these opinions. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to all full-time district faculty and management. Two-hundred fourteen questionnaires were distributed, and 1 54 were returned for a return rate of 71 .9 percent. The questionnaire included 24 semantic differentiated items on a seven-point scale, plus two two-part open-ended response items. Results indicated that faculty and management held similar opinions and that those opinions were in keeping with literature on suggested leadership styles for TQM/CIP. Responses to the open-ended questions suggested six themes regarding opinions around TQM/CIP for the district: A lack of uniform definition for TQM/CIP exists; most faculty and management support implementation of a participative management style of leadership; a perception exists that TQM/CIP may be management's current *buzz word," and that management at the top is not committed to the process; a lack of respect for and trust in management exists; a perception exists that no union involvement has been enlisted in the process and that implementation of TQM/CIP would jeopardize union effectiveness.


SC 11.MAL.1995.Sanchez.JA