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An event reporting system that is intended for the documentation and reporting of near-miss events involving defective medical devices is an important component of a healthcare facilities' safety culture and enables the staff to exercise a stewardship role focused on reducing healthcare costs. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota does have an internal near-miss documentation system in place to report near-miss events that arise from the discovery and removal of a medical device that is defective before potential harm can occur. This documentation and reporting is termed The Product Issue Tracking System (PITS). Education for staff nurses, which instructs on the use and importance of PITS is essential to ensure the system is utilized. Jean Watson's Caring Science Theory (2008) provides a theoretical foundation for this module because of its emphasis on caring. A component of authentic caring is an attention to the environment where care is given because it recognizes that a safe environment is critical to healing. Hills and Watson curriculum for Caring Science provides a framework for teaching methodology and content of an educational module that is congruent with Caring Science principles.


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