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The process of mentoring is not a new concept in the world of business or in the world of health care. Mentoring has been implemented in many organizations and disciplines throughout the world and has been shown to yield many benefits including employee satisfaction, personal and professional growth, and organizational loyalty. This paper proposes a process to develop a nurse mentoring program for the Department of Nursing at Mayo Clinic. Highlights of the benefits that can be realized with the implementation of a nurse mentoring program, supporting literature and research, and challenges and barriers encountered when developing this proposal will be reviewed. In addition, Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring will be endorsed as the foundation for the nurse mentoring program for the Department of Nursing at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. This paper will explain why a nurse mentoring program based on Watson's concepts of caring can be a valuable tool that will provide gains to the participants in the program, the Department of Nursing, the organization, and the patients.


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