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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




The purpose of this project is to develop a transcultural model of nursing care for use at a pediatric inner-city hospital located in the Midwestern United States. The experience and outcome for pediatric patients and their families may be negatively impacted when language and culture are different from those of the nurse. Nurses working at the hospital have expressed discomfort when providing care for patients from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They feel challenged to provide supportive nursing care without imposing their own ethnocentric viewpoints or nursing practices that may be inconsistent with desires of those from another culture. The Conceptual [Mosaic] Model of Transcultural Nursing is created to guide interactions between nurses and pediatric patients and families, cultural communities, and health care professionals to the goal of providing culturally responsive health care. The conceptual model is grounded in Josepha Bacote-Campinha's constructs of cultural desire and cultural awareness; Jean Watson's Caritas Processes are woven throughout the model to integrate culturally safe and sensitive nursing qualities with cultural desire, cultural awareness and scholarship of integration.


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