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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Lisa vanGetson


Family Nurse Practitioners have limited time with patients to address their health care concerns. Practitioners need to make the most of this limited time in order to promote positive patient outcomes. Health coaching is a proven method to assist others in identifying obstacles, prioritize what is important to them, leverage strengths, and in making healthy behavior changes. Drawing on evidenced-based practice in health coaching assists the Family Nurse Practitioner with making deeper connections with patients and guides in co-creating a plan that is truly patient-centered. The health coaching process is in parallel with the Human Becoming Theory by the use of presence, suspending judgement, bearing witness to patients' stories, and originating results. Health coaching and Human Becoming Theoty lift up the lived experience of the patient, placing them in control, elevating their sense of agency. Blending Human Becoming Theory with hearth coaching principles serves as a foundation to create a new model of practice and a paradigm shift with how Family Nurse Practitioners interact with patients to achieve optimal patient outcomes.


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