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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




The purpose of this project is to provide nursing students in the final semester of their associate degree nursing program and community health worker students with a culturally focused, interactive, collaborative, interprofessional learning experience. Health care reform addresses health disparities in an increasingly diverse population with complex chronic health needs. The needs of this diverse population require health professionals to function as members of interprofessional teams providing culturally competent care. Published professional literature supports interprofessional education for students entering the health care field to prepare them to practice as members of interprofessional teams. Government studies and professional accrediting bodies overseeing educational programs mandate inclusion of cultural competence curriculum for health professional students. Malcolm Knowles' principles of andragogy to enhance adult learning coincide with principles of interprofessional learning. Josepha Campinha- Bacote's model of the process of cultural competence in the delivery of healthcare services provides support for nursing education to initiate the process of becoming culturally competent by developing cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill, and cultural encounter motivated by cultural desire.


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