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Restricted Access Thesis

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MS in Physician Assistant Studies (PA)


Physician Assistant Studies

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Trent Whitcomb


Well known to society, obesity is one of the biggest health concerns facing Americans today. This is a problem that most citizens are able to identify, yet we are still seeing a significant rise in the rate of obesity. According to the CDC, obesity is described as a weight that is not within healthy limits for the persons height. When researching the topics of obesity and dieting, it becomes clear that no one treatment plan is going to work for everyone. The treatment of obesity needs to be very individualized. The treatment must be fitted to the patients current BMI, comorbid health conditions, previous diet trials, and their level of motivation to make a change. One of the major issues when discussing this topic is the lack of adequate clinical trials. Clinical trials were only conducted for 7 out of 20 of the most popular diets in the United States in 2016.