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MS in Physician Assistant Studies (PA)


Physician Assistant Studies

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Eric Barth


very year in the United States there are approximately 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, 95,000 complete ligament ruptures, and 100,000 reconstructions. With an average cost per surgery of $9,400, there is an estimated amount of $940,000,000 spent each year in the US alone. ACL graft rupture rates have been reported between 5% and 7% for autograft reconstructions, and as high as 7% to 13% for allograft reconstructions.2 This percentage makes for a very high number of individuals who will have to repeat surgery to receive another ACL graft. The questions to be discussed in this paper will evaluate the various ACL reconstruction options, which option is best for specific patient populations, and the short and long-term benefits or downsides for each option. As physician assistants working with patients requiring ACL rupture treatment, it is important to be knowledgeable about the reconstruction options. Having an understanding of ACL rupture treatment options including types of surgical reconstructions, or non-surgical treatment consisting of strengthening and proprioception through physical therapy, will help the patient choose the option that fits them best. A problem with a lot of studies that focus on failures rates is that they aren’t factoring in the age and activity level of the patients. Future studies should incorporate patients into similar age groups, activity level groups, and lifestyle groups. This would help provide more accurate information as to the effects that lifestyle choices can play on causing graft failure.