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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Maria Dinis, Ph.D.

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Phu Phan, M.S.W.

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Steve Hubbard, M.S.W.


This exploratory quantitative study was conducted to determine the relationship between job satisfaction and attrition among current and former youth care workers in a group home setting. Participants (N = 35) included 14 current employees and 21 former employees from the Sheriffs Youth Programs of Minnesota Agency that completed a job satisfaction survey. The survey results show a significant correlation among current and former youth care worker's perceptions in relation to job satisfaction. Specifically, the current and former youth care workers both identified training as the most important characteristic to their job satisfaction. Additionally, former employees identified supervision issues as a key attribute to attrition within the workplace. These findings may offer assistance to employers and employees in determining factors contributed to job satisfaction and voluntary turnover in this field. Implications for social work practice and policy are discussed.


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