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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Dr. Rosemary Link

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Dr. Lois Bosch

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Diane Knust, MSW


This research studies how child abuse has become so pervasive in South Africa and evaluates a project that provides training for professionals to learn the necessary skills to build an effective social welfare system, potentially create national procedures for serving abused children and potentially change child abuse laws. Efforts have been made to build awareness on the rights of children in South Africa. Children, before and after the apartheid regime, have been affected by the breakdown of families and oppressive laws in a patriarchal society. Child abuse services and policies have attempted to address protecting children from abuse. Despite efforts that have been made, there are still major breakdowns in the social welfare system and justice system. A training funded by the Oak Foundation called the ISPCAN Inter-sectoral Training attempts to impact service professionals as well as children and families by introducing an approach to handling child abuse cases called the inter-sectoral approach.


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