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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Rosemary Link

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Laura Boisen

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Colleen Hoffman


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of personal resources, primarily financial for the elderly and chronically ill populations in nursing home admissions. There is extensive research done on nursing homes and the elderly but little is known about the factors that contribute to nursing home admissions. This study uses qualitative data to gather themes from the three elderly and chronically ill individuals over and under the age of 65. To simplify the study all ages under the age of 65 is a group and all ages over the age of 65 was considered another group. It also uses data gathered from one social worker specializing in geriatrics.

The study will also gathered survey information from 37 Hennepin County social workers and 30 Benedictine Corporation social workers gathering their professional opinions regarding resources and nursing home admissions. Together, the information gathered from personal stories and professional data is used together and will assist in answering the research question of: The relationship between personal resources and nursing home admissions.

The study shows definite factors such as finance, housing. and support of family and friends contributing to the elderly and chronically ill being admitted into nursing homes. The information given by participants also gives factors an elderly and chronically ill person stays out of a nursing facility. The data collected from the participates, is vital to professionals now investigating the crisis in health care, given the shortage of nurses and adequate options for the elderly arid chronically ill. It will give important insight to reasons and ways to assist the elderly in their older years. Implications for social work practice and policy are discussed.


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