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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This study examines the topic of disruptive behavior in the schools, with a focus on how the role of the school social worker relates to this issue. Specifically, this research asked two questions. First, how do school social workers perceive the issue of disruptive behavior in the schools? Second, what is the role of the school social worker in addressing this issue? To answer these questions, 75 school social workers from the Minnesota School Social Work Association were given a self-administered mail survey. The data showed that school social workers feel disruptive behavior is an increasingly difficult issue faced in our schools. Consistent with other research, school social workers address this problem mainly through clinical interventions. The author then calls school social workers to shift their focus of practice to a systems model rather than focusing on clinical work. In addition, schools are called to provide more social work support so school social workers can better serve their students.


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