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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Professor Vern Bloom

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Steve Rocklein

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Dr. Laura Boisen


The concept of hope has been and continues to be part of the research literature in many human service fields, such as medicine, psychology and nursing. The research on hope in these fields has shown that its presence can have multiple benefits for persons in differing forms of distress. However, any discussion on hope has been conspicuously absent from most social work literature for almost forty years. This qualitative study has been designed to begin a begin a discussion on the role of hope in social work practice and education. Seven social workers were interviewed on their understanding of hope, whether and how they integrate hope into their practice, and whether they believe hope should be studied more. The results indicate that social workers do believe hope to be an important concept in their work and that they are attempting to integrate it into their practice. However, they suspect that the social work profession does not share or support their values in this area.


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