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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Michael Schock, MSW, Ph.D.

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Laura Boisen, Ph.D.

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Patricia Lee, MSW


This quantitative study explored the beliefs of child protection social workers in regard to battered women and domestic violence. A self-administered, mailed survey was used to gather information on some of the key beliefs that have been identified in the literature. In general, prior studies show that social workers stereotype battered women and respond to their needs in a manner that is insensitive or inappropriate.

Surveys were mailed to all 68 child protection workers in the North Central Region of Wisconsin. The region is composed of 15 counties; each county employs social workers who perform child protection duties. Forty-six surveys were returned, resulting in a response rate of 67%.

The results indicate that social workers have become less stereotypical of battered women and are more willing to intervene in cases of domestic violence. However, some negative beliefs still exist, indicating a need for continuing education and training


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