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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Clarice Staff, DSW

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Tom Ebert, Ph.D.

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Michael Schock, Ph.D.


This mixed qualitative and quantitative exploratory study was conducted in an effort to expand the knowledge base regarding Wisconsin welfare recipients under the new welfare reform policy titled "Wisconsin Works" or ("W-2"). A mixed research design was used in order to capture the experiences of "W-2" welfare recipients from their perspectives. A purposive sampling technique was utilized in conducting interviews of 6 participants who were receiving welfare in the state of Wisconsin. The interviews focused on several areas that are assumed to lead to self-sufficiency under the "W-2" policy, including food and shelter, child care, transportation and job skills/training. Content analysis was conducted in an effort to uncover common patterns and themes among the service users of the "W-2" policy. Qualitative answers were aggregated in order to compare and contrast the responses of the recipients. Quantitative numerical data was analyzed in an effort to explain and describe the experiences of recipients. Findings indicate recipients are still living in a life of poverty.


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