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Truancy is one of the most alarming social problems schools and educators face daily. Because of the complex conditions that contribute to truancy, the etiology and development of the problem are unclear. In this study, fifty subjects ages 12-14 were described by using two measures. An intake form was used to abstract information, at the county level, on the variables gender, age, race, grade, education, number of people in the home, living situation, chemical use, mental health, prior court involvement, and other factors pertinent to this study for the 1997-98 school year. The second measure was used, at the school level, to measure the effectiveness of the school and county interventions.

The findings suggest that forty-two percent (n-21) of the subjects were not enrolled in a Minneapolis Public Middle School as of March, 1999 and that forty-four percent (n=22) of the subjects, while still enrolled in school. continued their truant behavior.

Key informants identified failing classes, parental discipline, past truancy history, low parental involvement, behavior and frequent suspensions, and enabling parents as some of the factors associated with truancy.


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