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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Kristin M McHale


This paper illuminates the transformational journey experienced while exploring nursing practice involvement in essential holistic foot care as a Doctor of Nursing-Transcultural Nursing (DNP-TCN) practice project. The underlying theoretical framework is based on the relational caring complexity theory by Marilyn A. Ray and Marian C. Turkel, depicting model complexity concepts essential to holistic health and wellness nursing foot cares. As an advanced practice nurse, this practice shift is an assertion of health and wellness essentials in the model of holistic nursing, as foot health is tied to the health of the physical body and spiritual soul of the living. Individual foot care propels complex choices arising from intricately interconnected patterns forming the foundation of our lives as our feet transport us from one moment and one experience to the next. This final practice project aspires to convey the significance of essential holistic nursing foot care, within the culture of nursing, in facilitating a healthy, multidimensional life of an individual. Our feet form the foundation of what transport us from one experience, one paradigm, to the next. When we lose any fragment of meaning our feet provide, this influences and confounds every facet of our lives. As aspects of the relational caring complexity theory of Ray Turkel, outcomes of this journey go beyond basic holistic nursing foot care shaping the character of this nurse’s transition from DNP student into participatory practitioner and novice author.


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