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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Michael Schock, Ph.D.

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Curt Paulsen, Ph.D.

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Nancy Cornell, M.S.W.


At-risk families, both single and two-parent, are those families which may not be providing children with the necessary developmental assets to thrive. Families headed by a single parent are especially at risk for financial, social and academic pressures. Social support networks can help provide resources to families dealing with these stressors.

Data obtained in this program evaluation of Family Support Services of Independent School District 191 verified the programs' effectiveness in providing instrumental and emotional support, as well as a link to community resources, for at-risk families in the district. Results also indicated that further support is needed to help parents gain the coping skills necessary to increase independence and become more self-sufficient. Equipped with these skills, parents could then become positive role models for their children in becoming responsible and capable citizens, thereby breaking the cycle of dependence and perceived helplessness.


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