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Joyce Miller


My heritage includes a long line of farmers dating back to the 1800's. This connection to farming, the land and my community in Clark County, Wisconsin was the impetus for me to create a cultural immersion experience for the students of Augsburg's nursing program. My projection is an exploration into the old order Amish community of central Wisconsin, a glimpse into farming both past and present and a celebration of the land. As a requirement for the completion of the DNP program I completed practicum hours at a small self-pay clinic owned and operated by a Mennonite physician in the Country Health Clinic. Patients seen at the clinic are primarily the old order Amish and Mennonites. My experiences there also influenced my decision to create a cultural immersion to further explore the daily life and healthcare practices of the old order Amish. Creating a cultural immersion experience includes steps similar to the nursing process such as development, goal setting, implementation of a pilot, evaluation of the experience and modifications as needed. Cultural guides were need to enter the old order Amish community. My parent's long connection with the Amish through employment on their dairy farm provided an opportunity to connect and interact with this group. The immersion began with one fellow DNP student in 2013 and in 2015 there will be nine DNP students traveling to central Wisconsin for a 4-day immersion. A key component of the 2015 immersion experience will be time set aside for personal reflection and rich discussion by participants. As nurses we must refrain from judging and learn from our patients to provide culturally appropriate care. Through experiences such as the one provided in this immersion nurses gain new knowledge and a greater level of comfort when working with specific cultural groups.


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