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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



First Advisor

Joyce Miller


Adolescent depression is an epidemic and left untreated can lead to poor performance in school, substance abuse, and suicide. Currently the health care system is not diagnosing and properly treating adolescents with depression. A quality improvement project conducted at a major medical facility using a collaborative care model to treat adolescent with depression in primary care began in 2011. A registered nurse care coordinator served as a liaison between the treatment team, the adolescents and their families. The application of Watson's theoretical concepts of caring, trust, presence, and transpersonal adolescents were enrolled and 51 have graduated from the program. This is a 90% reduction in depressive symptoms. The success of the collaborative care model for adolescents with depression in primary care needs to be expanded to other areas at the major medical facility.


SC 11.MAN.2015.Brennan.RM