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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Clarice Staff, D.S.W.

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Vern Bloom, M.S.W.

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Lois Bosch, Ph.D.


This research presents a case study of local Red Cross chapters in an upper Midwestern state. The study looked at the knowledge level, interest level, and resources available to provide international education programs and activities. The survey design included both quantitative and qualitative questions, as well as, an inventory checklist of the physical, economic and human resources in each chapter's community. A description of the history and structure of the Red Cross, as well as, a look at organizing complexity and a report about local interest in international issues substantiates the literature review. Forty-one surveys were sent to all the Red Cross Chapter Managers in a Midwestern state and 32 were completed and returned. The findings indicate a higher level of knowledge about the Red Cross Movement and International Humanitarian Law, and a higher interest in international issues among the staff and a lower level of interest and knowledge at the volunteer and community level. Encouragingly, the results also indicate two-thirds of the respondents felt there was a need for an increase in international programming and activities in their chapter.


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