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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Dr. Lois Bosch

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Dr. Laura Boisen

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Andrea Miles, MSW


This exploratory study was conducted to explore the following research questions: l) What are the needs of pregnant and parenting adolescents in the St. Cloud community? 2) What support systems were most helpful to pregnant or parenting adolescents?

Once youth become parents, they face many challenges such as dropping out of high school, becoming economically deprived, and lacking emotional support. Eleven pregnant and/or parenting adolescents, ages 15 to 19, were interviewed using a structured interview guide. The interviews focused on assessing the participant's educational achievements, financial stability, self-esteem, level of emotional support and social support networks.

Overall the study found that the participants were all working on obtaining their high school diploma or GED certificate. A majority stated their basic needs were being met. All of the youth rated their self-esteem as being quite high. The study also found that approximately 91% of the participants (n=10) explained that their families were emotionally supportive. In exploring their social support systems, participants utilized many programs in the St. Cloud community. However, all of the youth explained how services should be changed to be more effective. A mentoring program may be beneficial to address the needs of pregnant or parenting youth in the St. Cloud who do not have an adequate support system


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