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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



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Alan Tuchtenhagen


n recent years, successful sports coaches have been studied as to what measures success and how success is defined. While some measure success in terms of wins and losses, Concordia University-St. Paul volleyball coach Brady Starkey defines it differently. Starkey's approach to coaching relates to Jim Collins' description of a Level 5 Leader in his book "Good to Great." This study examines the approaches to successful leadership as it is reflected in athletic coaching and the significant relationship between Collins' Level 5 Leadership Model and Starkey's leadership philosophy. Under Starkey, the CU volleyball team has won seven consecutive national championships and would be seen as a "successful leader" in the eyes of most. This paper examines the effectiveness of a Level 5 leader, like Starkey, against the "win at all cost" style leader. This review of Starkey's leadership style was conducted through a one-on-one interview with Starkey, as well as years of personal observation while playing against his teams. His style suggests that successful leaders who take their teams from good to great are those who combine personal humility with professional will.


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