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The purpose of this longitudinal evaluation study was to examine client perceptions of the Home Community Based Services Program (HCBS) located in two rural counties in Central Minnesota. It was hypothesized that adjudicated youth (ages 12-17), who have access to the HCBS Program may experience less out-of-home placements and less criminal re-offending. Data was collected utilizing two surveys, one at exit of services, and one six months after discharge of services.

Findings indicated clients perceived the HCBS Program a positive experience introducing change in the family system. Less out-of-home placement was experienced for youth involved in the HCBS Program.

The literature review formulated that a need exists for specialized intensive programs targeting high-risk youth. Previous research provided a construct supporting community based programs as intervention sites for high-risk youth and their families.

Cost effectiveness gained relevance in conducting the literature search. The cost per residential placement for one youth is approximately $40,000 per year, (Social Services Census Report, 1995), HCBS Program's cost $53,000 per year.


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