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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This project examined three aspects of the Alternative Junior High School program at Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC), a social service agency in North Minneapolis. One aspect was this program's ability to retain students at risk of dropping-out of the educational system. A second was to examine whether the program increased the academic performance and attendance rates of these students. Finally, aspects of the program that students described as helpful are reported, as well as those that they described as needing improvement. The study compared the academic performance and attendance rates of the students in their last semester of public school to their academic performance and attendance rates in the first semester of school at PCYC. This data was collected from a sample of eight students of the 24 enrolled in the program at PCYC. It indicated that the program at PCYC increased academic performance, attendance rates, number of classes passed and credits earned for these students.


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