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Social Work


Across America schools and human service organizations have become more aware of the difficulty in providing for the needs of families and children alone. There is a growing need for organizations to work together to effectively provide appropriate services. Recently, collaboration has received a great deal of attention as a necessary strategy in working together.

This study explores the perceived need for a school and human service collaboration in Dakota County, Minnesota, that would service families and children currently receiving services from the Intra-Dakota Educational Alternative (IDEA) program. A needs assessment was conducted through a review of the literature and qualitative interviews of key informants who work in Dakota County schools and human services. The major themes explored in the interviews include: the unmet needs of families and children in the target population; the need for a collaboration among IDEA and Dakota County human service organizations; and, what a collaborative of this nature could look like in terms of structure and functioning.

A framework for a collaborative initiative in Dakota County has been developed based on the research. This framework is presented at the conclusion of the study.


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