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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This is a study of a selected group of single parent fathers living in Central Minnesota and having sole custody of their children. This family form is on the increase accounting for 13% to 21 % of the single parent headed households in the United States. More men are seeking custody and more women are losing custody or agreeing to paternal custody due in part to changes in gender role expectations an emerging view of fatherhood and economic constraints. This parental role shift has also been influenced by the women's movements generating more live style options, the rising number of mothers in the work force and the high divorce rate. This research study compares the characteristics of single parent fathers previously examined through a nationwide survey with a sample drawn from Central Minnesota. The study helps define the characteristics of single custodial fathers, explores the issues that they face and addresses the significance of this family form to social work practice. It explores the nature of these single fathers and provides practitioners with additional knowledge and insight into this emerging family configuration.


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