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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




The Emergency Department (ED) is a frequently utilized care environment that functions to meet acute, chronic, and life threating healthcare needs. The unique care environment of the ED contributes to a documented inadequacy in discharge patient education. Review of the patient discharge process at a Midwest medical center's ED revealed inconsistent and inadequate patient discharge education. The inadequate patient discharge education led to the creation of a model with a two-fold collaborative approach that includes patient centered care and caring principles. The model of care provides educational initiatives to address this educational deficiency in the Emergency Department, and to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes. Watson's (2010) theoretical concepts of presence and intentional caring relationships support the creation of the developed model of care, as well as a conceptual model that places the patients as the center of care. With improved patient education at ED discharge, it would be expected that patient safety and patient satisfaction would similarly improve. With thorough evaluation and review, the model of care has the potential to truly make a difference in the lives of ED patients and could potentially expand to other medical facilities and contribute to future research endeavors.


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