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Social Work


The purpose of this study is to provide social workers and other human service professionals with an understanding of the Cambodian refugee experience. Understanding the history of the Genocide and the horrific impact it has had upon the Khmer is an important dynamic in understanding the Khmer experience.Cambodian civilians who survived the Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge regime experienced massive trauma. As a result, Khmer refugees in the United States face a special challenge in the areas of social and psychological adjustment.This research examines the historical and political events which led to the communist take over of Cambodia. It also provides examples of atrocities committed by Khmer Rouge soldiers. In addition, social work abstracts, psychological, and psychiatric literature was reviewed to examine the current social and psychological stresses affecting this population. Religious and family cultural values are also described. Lastly, intervention strategies are presented which will enable social workers to work effectively with Cambodian refugees.


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