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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Joyce Miller


Performing an awake craniotomy to safely remove a brain turmor is necessary to minimize injury and preserve the motor and speech functions of a patient. the thought of being conscious during a 6-8 hour brain surgery creates anxiety and fear of pain. Non-pharmaceutical interventions can assist the patient with managing the physical and psychological symptoms during the surgery. Introducing complementary therapies into the inraoperative environment allows the patient the opportunity to self-manage their anxiety and discomfort. The purpose of my project is to explore integrating taromatherapy nd music listening into the plan of care for awake craniotomy patients. Introducing complemantary therapies promotes a healing environment to support optimal mind, body, and spirtual well-being. A post procedure survey will evaluate the patients's perception of the effetiveness of these healing modalities. Incorporating aromatherapy and music listening into the plan of care may enhance patient satisfaction with the surgical experience. Current health models of care must expand and grow to meet the expectations of the patient. Integrating complementary therapy with conventional medicine provides opportunities to enhance the healthcare environment.


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