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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



First Advisor

Joyce P. Miller DNP, RN


For healthcare organizations, patient safety and satisfaction are major priorities and are impacted by many different professional disciplines. Nurses can influence this greatly through the relationships built with patients and the information provided to them regarding care while in the hospital. Communication errors are the leading cause of sentinel events for patients, reiterating the importance of having a safe transfer of care between nurses at shift change. Bedside shift report not only creates transparency of patient information but results in improved patient safety and hospital satisfaction scores. Completing nursing shift report at the bedside promotes patients' and families' contribution to the reporting discussion and optimizes patient safety through a nurse's visualization of a patient's condition. Watson's Caring Theory and the concept of relationship building provide the framework for implementing bedside shift report. A conceptual metaphor integrating caring intentionality and relationships into bedside shift report, as well as patient and staff responses, provides a visual for the goals of the bedside shift report implementation. The use of a standardized reporting tool into bedside shift report will be evaluated through patient and staff surveys. Nurses who implement bedside shift report into their practice will produce positive patient outcomes while demonstrating greater commitment to the caring acts that encompass nursing practice.


SC 11.MAN.2014.Gleason.H