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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



First Advisor

Kaija Freborg RN, DNP


To be able to live full, productive lives, all people can benefit from having a consistent, unified team of health care providers who offer emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support at one health care center. Historically, churches have been involved in health care, and the Christian faith has been integral in holistic healing. Today, the spiritual component of health is often missing in clinic settings. This project will lay the foundation for the establishment of a faith-based holistic clinic in a large charismatic urban Lutheran church. Utilizing Leininger's Culture Care Theory, the transcultural nurse, a key member of the holistic team, is able to assist in adapting health care for parishioners of a variety of ethnic backgrounds. A multidisciplinary faith-based holistic clinic within an urban Lutheran church will address the holistic needs of its parishioners, and offer support to others in the community. The result will not only be a healthier congregation, but more healthy and whole parishioners will be empowered to serve outside the church, meeting one of the primary goals of this urban Lutheran church. The concepts of holism, healing prayer, caring, and empowerrnent support this project. Literature, information gathered from experienced staffof faith-based clinics, and conversations with the leaders of urban Lutheran church all provide evidence of the necessity of revisiting the dream for a faith-based holistic clinic. Giving form to the vision for a faith-based holistic clinic gives both momentum and purpose to the leaders of this urban Lutheran church to move this project forward.


SC 11.MAN.2013.Leu.K