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Open Access Thesis

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




This presentation and poster describes advanced practice as a leadership process that links nurses working in a hospital setting with people in the neighborhood who are homeless. It gives voice to the experiences of nurses volunteering within the homeless community. There is documented evidence supporting the virtues of volunteerism and the effect on the target population. However, there appears to be a gap in the literature regarding the effect outreach projects have on the personal and professional lives of nurses volunteering their time in the community.

This DNP project .created opportunities and leadership for nurses to work as citizen professionals (volunteers) in small groups at local homeless shelters and agencies. Following the activities the nurses critically reflected on the impact of their experiences on both their personal and professional lives through personal journaling.

This poster and presentation addresses the lived experiences of hospital-based nurses and the effects on their nursing practice when they attended to people in the community. Outcomes in one large health care system will be discussed as they reflect the impact of this doctor of nursing practice leadership project.


SC 11.DNP.2011.Loushin.SR