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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Joyce P. Miller DNP,RN


In 2007, the Association of American Retired People (AARP) published its Funeral and Burial Planners survey key findings that revealed 12 percent were interested in green burial and that practitioners should provide education on environmentally friendly options to this audience. Nurses are currently knowledgeable about Advance Care Directives (ACD) for cessation of care. To gain a better understanding of nurses' attitudes toward green burial, a plan to create a holistic nurse-learning circle was developed to discuss the Funeral Rule, pre-burial planning for green funerals and flameless cremation, and the importance of collaborating with funeral directors. To facilitate this group, a Holistic Undertaking model was conceptualized integrating Jean Watson's post-modern vision of Caritas/Communitas where unique partnerships occur within systems to promote eco-caring and sustainable practices. This learning group would have the opportunity to discuss advanced care planning which includes burial in a gestalt space. If successful, nurses will become engaged in the community by attending death cafes and community groups to learn about new ecofriendly burial practices with the result of intergenerational equality - the preservation of earth for future generations.


SC 11.MAN.2014.Burness.B