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The role of the hematology ambulatory registered nurse (HARN) is currently disorganized at a large Midwestern clinic. Cumently the HARN is responsible for telephone care, lab results, prescription refills, patient education, submitting forms, and helping patients with miscellaneous items. The HARN is pulled in several directions throughout the day. With healthcare reimbursement changing, there is a growing need for HARNs to be utilized to one's fullest potential and licensure. The purpose of this project is to create a new model of nursing care, which will further enhance the HARN role. Jean Watson's Philosophy and Science of Caring provides a framework for this project. Four of Watson's Caritas Processes are utilized in this project to explicate the HARN role and responsibilities. Healing, caring, and presence are key concepts incorporated in the creation of the Heart Nursing Care Model for the HARN. The Heart Nursing Care Model will help enhance the HARN role by utilizing the RN the fullest licensure, help decrease disorganization to the workday, and increase RN satisfaction. Implementation of the Heart Nursing Care Model will require leadership and evaluation from staff. Measuring patient, provider, and nurse satisfaction is important to evaluate prior to as well as after implementation of the Heart Nursing Care Model into nursing practice


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