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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Joyce P. Miller DNP,RN


In recent years, the Kenyan community living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has had many cases of violence that have resulted in death or injury to the women and their children. Domestic violence is especially difficult because it disrupts every aspect of the victim's well-being. Many women experience repeated victimization because of the difficulty in leaving their abusive relationships. A woman's ability to disclose abuse and receive emotional support is critical to her survival. Implementing a nursing based support group for Kenyan women living in Minneapolis, who are victims of domestic violence, will empower them to understand the effects of living in unhealthy relationships and begin to create a vision for a healthier life. Watson's caring and healing philosophy provides a theoretical framework to guide the support group. It is essential to provide a safe place for women victimized by domestic violence to share their stories. When caregivers listen and believe the victims' stories, healing can take place. A support group that empowers women from Kenya living in a large urban city could increase personal self-esteem and enhance emotional and physical well-being.


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